Digital Frameworx Fundamental Course and Certification

Why Should you take this Course?

Digital Frameworx Frameworks
Understand why should you be using the suit of standards already adopted by 90% of the worlds largest service providers
Digital Frameworx Frameworks
To provide you with an understanding of how Frameworx can enable your business to operate more efficiently and be more agile

Frameworx Course Overview

A Fundamental course on TMFORUM's Digital Frameworx for Business/IT Architects & Solution Designers working for global digital service providers - Objective or Goal of this course is to share knowledge required for digital transformations of business & IT landscape of mid-size to large organizations to make their business effective and efficient (which is an obligation for sustaining competition in the post-COVID world).

Ever wonder how Digital Framework solve your problems in an Organization?

Business Operations

-A model to figure out what will be needed during the period of transformation

-An outline that maps current state and the target end state

-An awareness of the cross organizational flow on the effects of transformation

Marketing & Product

- A model to figure out what will be needed during the period of transformation

-A mandate to reposition the brand, shield it during the state of transformation

-A guide to getting in deep involvement with customers to make them feel like a fragment of the ongoing journey and change of the organization

- The command to evaluate current item/administration execution against the assumptions for clients utilizing new advances

-A chance to introduce a fresh, iterative way of working and solving problems


-A model to figure out what will be required during the period of transformation

-The order to survey current frameworks and abilities versus the necessary future state frameworks and abilities – eg. Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Big Data, social media

-A chance to produce a new, iterative way of working and bringing out an innovative way to solving problems


-A clear summarization of what the organization is undertaking and, how it may touch them as customers

-A chance to participate and support the organization, celebrate its achievements as it transforms

Who should attend this course ?

-Business analyst



-Business Development

-Business Architect

-Solution Architect

-Anyone involved in selecting, supporting or managing a support architecture

-Managers who want to understand Frameworx principles to incorporate into transformation projects

-Staff involved in procurement requests or responses for Frameworx compliant software

What you will learn by end of this course ?

Basic knowledge required to start applying Frameworx standard and Guidelines in any Digital Transformation Project.

This Course Includes:

-Video Lecture of the Course

-Downloadable course materials(Pdf)


-Lifetime Access of the Course

-Access on Desktop and Mobile Phone

-Certificate of attendance(on request)

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